What Happened To Anni Dewani, When Was She Murdered On Her Honeymoon?

What Happened To Anni Dewani, When Was She Murdered On Her Honeymoon?

ANNI Dewani was brutally murdered while she was on her honeymoon with her husband Shrien.

We look at her tragic story.

Rex Features Anni was killed while on her honeymoon in Cape Town

What happened to Anni Dewani?

Anni Hindocha, 28, was originally from Sweden and met her future husband Shrien Dewani in May 2009 after a mutual friend gave him her contact details.

Shrien would later tell the court in Cape Town: “On our first date I was instantly physically attracted to her, loved her bubbly personality and sensed that there was mutual chemistry.

“We fell in love with each other. We were both ambitious and shared a common view of the future. We were both headstrong and often argued with each other.”

He hired a private jet and whisked her to Paris where he proposed in June 2010.

After his stag party in Las Vegas, they were married in a lavish £200,000 ceremony in India and went to South Africa on honeymoon.

On the night of Saturday November 13, 2010 the couple went for dinner and then got into a taxi driven by Zola Tongo.

After turning off the motorway they were confronted by armed men who demanded money and Shrien’s phone.

Handout Anni on her wedding day

The men drove off in the car and eventually stopped on a small road.

He was then forced out of the car and the men drove off with his wife cowering on the back seat.

Shrien never saw his wife alive again.

After raising the alarm he was taken to a police station where he got a call from his brother saying Anni had been shot dead.

A postmortem examination found gunshot wounds to Anni Dewani’s left hand and her neck, which caused massive blood loss.

Reuters Shrien stood trial in Cape Town


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