TV pundit Glenn Hoddle has had lifesaving surgery after his heart attack — and friends say he is recovering well

Glenn Hoddle

GLENN Hoddle has had lifesaving surgery after his heart attack.

The England and Spurs ­legend, 61, is recovering from last week’s operation and has been texting friends from hospital — who are amazed with his rapid recovery.

Glenn Hoddle is thought to be recovering well after his heart attack
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They say he should have no problem returning to work as a TV pundit once his recovery is complete.

It is believed TV pundit Hoddle needed a heart bypass because arteries were badly blocked.

A source said: “The outlook is extremely positive — but he’s not out of the woods yet.”

The ex-Spurs and England midfielder is thought to have had a heart bypass operation.

Glenn Hoddle
The England and Tottenham ace should have no problem returning to his work as a TV pundit
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Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle collapsed two weeks ago on his birthday at BT Sport’s East London studios as he was about to go on air
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That involves surgeons taking veins from the leg or arm and grafting them on to coronary arteries to “bypass” a blocked section, boosting blood flow to the heart.

It is believed that before the bypass Glenn had been fitted with a stent — a small balloon which is inserted to widen a narrowed artery.

A source said: “Doctors explained to Glenn what was going to take place. He completely trusted they knew the best for him.

“It’s been a very difficult time but if everything goes to plan he will be back on his feet before long.

Heart bypass
A surgeon usually takes veins from the leg or arm to fix blocked arteries
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“He’s been told if it’s successful he will have no problem getting back to the pundit work his fans love him for.”

Bypass surgery usually takes around four hours. Former US President Bill Clinton, comedian Bob Mortimer and Glenn’s fellow footballer-turned-pundit Graeme Souness have all had the op.

Dad-of-three Glenn, a former England and Chelsea coach, collapsed two weeks ago on his birthday at BT Sport’s East London studios as he was about to go on air. He was given first aid by a sound technician and then air-lifted to hospital.

The shocked football world united in prayers for Glenn — and will be delighted by news of his progress.
The source said: “He is one of football’s best-loved former players.
“He was a battler on the pitch so it’s hardly surprising he is fighting to get back to his best.”

By Carol Cooper, Sun doctor

NARROWED arteries rob the heart muscle of blood. After a heart attack the blood flow needs to be restored.


If the narrowed segment of artery is fairly small a stent can do the job.

But if one or more of the blood vessels or arteries has a more extensive narrowing then a stent is not going to work. That’s where a bypass comes in. You can have single, double, triple or quadruple bypass surgery.



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