Thought Kerry Katona’s Messy Bedroom Was Bad? Just Take A Peek Inside These Grotty Celeb Homes

Thought Kerry Katona’s Messy Bedroom Was Bad? Just Take A Peek Inside These Grotty Celeb Homes

SHE was slammed for her messy bedroom after posting a mirror selfie earlier this week.

But it looks as though Kerry Katona isn’t the only celeb showcasing her “floordrobe” on Instagram.

Instagram Kerry was criticised for the pile of clothes in her mirror selfie

The 37-year-old has been posting sizzling snaps all week, to show off the results of her gruelling fitness regime.

But in the first post, she accidentally included a bundle of piled up clothes – and fans were disgusted.

One user commented: “Tidy your room up young lady!! Check out the mess next to the mirror! Ming.”

But, if you thought the former Atomic Kitten star’s bedroom was bad, take a look at these celebs – they make Kerry’s wardrobe look sparkling in comparison.

Instagarm Kim Kardashian’s walk in wardrobe is covered in clothes, shoes and bags but Saint is having a fine time playing dress up

Kim Kardashian’s room is certainly one of the worst, with dresses, coats and shoes strewn everywhere.

But her two-year-old son Saint seems to love the mess, having fun with mummy’s scarf while she takes a selfie.

Actress Bella Thorne has taken messy to another level, with piles of clothes and storage boxes covering every inch of the floor.

Instagram There are so many boxes of clothes strewn around that we can’t even see the floor in Bella Thorne’s room

Instagram She may be blocking the view but we can still see piles of clothes in Gabby Allen’s bedroom

Instagram It looks like messy rooms run in the family, right Kourtney? The reality star’s walk in wardrobe is spilling over with designer shoes and clothes are couture rags are chucked on the floor

Instagram We spy a messy table in Lindsay Lohan’s dressing room and clothes chucked on  the sofa

Instagram Kate Hudson’s room has shoes littered everywhere and is in serious need of a blitz

Instagram Charlotte Crosby has been criticised in the past for her messy bedroom but with just a few shoes on the floor she’s not the worst offender

The Geordie Shore stars are no better, with both Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry posting snaps of their messy bedrooms on Instagram.

Are these celebs untidy, or do they just have loads of clobber?

It could be time for a clear out.

Instagram Fellow Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry also has a clean-up job on her hands

Instagram Either she’s been on a massive shopping spree or she never takes her clothes out of the bag, but Amber Davis could do with putting things away in her bedroom

Instagram Make-up, handbags and shopping – Lauren Goodger’s room needs a tidy up

Instagram Chloe Ferry’s clutter of shoes and boxes of accessories make for a messy sight

Instagram Chloe Khan seems to have been trying on her entire wardrobe for a night out and she’s still wearing hardly any clothes


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