The Actor Who Played Big John In The Inbetweeners Is Totally Unrecognisable Now

The Actor Who Played Big John In The Inbetweeners Is Totally Unrecognisable Now

WE still can’t believe it’s been over ten years since cult Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners graced our screens.

And while we still find ourselves quoting the show on a daily basis (Ooh, friends!), there’s one supporting star who has undergone an enormous transformation in that time.

C4 Try and tell us you didn’t love Big John

Enter, John Seaward: the actor who shared his name with on-screen character Big John.

Just in case you don’t constantly rewatch the series on Catch Up like us, Big John was teenage angst and awkwardness personified. With a little bit of poor hygiene thrown in for good measure.

Characterised by his food obsession (that dual yoghurt moment during the prom meeting has gone down in television history) and his all-round inability to chat up the girls of Rudge Park comprehensive, Big John was one of the unsung heroes of the classic British series.

And now that very same Big John has undergone a ugly duckling-type transformation worthy of Neville Longbottom praise.

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Since the show ended in 2010, real-life John (not to be confused with his on-screen persona) has gone on to star in the BBC’s  Survivors as well as the Theresa v Boris drama documentary.

And the actor’s most recent set of headshots just goes to show that absolutely no one can pull off that floppy hairstyle that all noughties teenage boys seemed to sport.

That, or Simon Cooper-style spikes.

With his 30th birthday just around the corner, it looks like Big John has well and truly blossomed. Somebody pass the Muller corners…

Getty – Contributor The actor has also appeared on stage in plays a little grittier than The Inbetweeners…


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