Police Hunting For Missing Midwife Samantha Eastwood Search Ex-fiancee’s Family’s Home

Police Hunting For Missing Midwife Samantha Eastwood Search Ex-fiancee’s Family’s Home

COPS hunting for missing midwife Samantha Eastwood searched a home belonging to her ex-fiancee’s extended family, reports claim.

Forensic officers are understood to have spent four hours combing for clues after the 28-year-old “dropped off the grid” last Friday.

BPM Media Samantha Eastwood vanished last Friday

The semi-detached home belongs to a member of extended family of Samantha’s ex-fiancee John Peake, Mail Online reports.

The elderly owner is said to have moved in to a care home but her relatives have keys to the house.

A neighbour told the website: “Me and my wife just came back from church and saw two unmarked police cars in the road. Later on a third one came then a fourth.

Facebook Her uncle confirmed that she was due to get married

Samantha, 28, ‘dropped off the grid’ last week and her former partner John Peake has begged for information

“There was a forensic team too and they were there for three or four hours. I don’t know if they took anything away.

“The house is empty because the elderly lady who lives there is in a care home.”

Sun Online has contacted Staffordshire Police for comment.

Samantha vanished last Friday just days after trying to sell her £400 wedding dress online following the breakdown of her relationship with John.

The mystery surrounding her disappearance deepened this week after cops spent four days outside Mr Peake’s sister’s house.

Beaming Samantha Eastwood, left, next to her ex-boyfriend John Peake, his sister Katie and her husband Mike

SWNS:South West News Service Gemma Eastwood, 26, was in tears as she made an appeal yesterday

SWNS:South West News Service Gemma bravely begged the public for any information about her sister’s disappearance Samantha Eastwood’s sister makes emotional appeal for information on the missing midwife

Katie Stirling lives there with her husband Michael and police would only confirm that the property was being treated as a “crime scene”.

A 32-year-old man arrested on suspicion of her kidnap has been released on bail.

Samantha’s desperate sister yesterday made a heartfelt plea to help find her and described her sibling as a “warm, friendly, loyal and generous” person.

Breaking down, she added: “Samantha is a happy, bubbly and smiley woman. She can be very straight and direct.

“She is my best friend and partner in crime. Without her half of me has gone. Samantha, if you are listening please get in touch.

“We all love you and miss you very much. We just need you home, where you belong.

“Samantha is a fantastic woman and friend. She is warm, friendly, loyal, kind and generous, with a great sense of humour.

SWNS:South West News Service Samantha was last seen leaving work – she is on the left with a green handbag

SWNS:South West News Service Police were outside Samantha’s home on Friday afternoon Police release last footage of missing midwife Samantha Eastwood who vanished after leaving hospital still wearing her scrubs

“And whoever she is with, she will always make their time together fun. Samantha was determined to become a midwife from a young age and succeeded.

“All of Samantha’s work friends describe her as an amazing midwife.”

Cops yesterday confirmed that the only item still missing is her purse and they are desperately trying to track it down.

Samantha was last seen leaving Royal Stoke University Hospital last Friday morning and worried colleagues “knew something was wrong” when she failed to return for her night shift.

Cops launched a nationwide hunt for the “incredibly dedicated” medical professionaland neighbours reported hearing screams from her home in Baddeley Green, Staffs.

Her concerned colleague, chief nurse Liz Rix, described her as an “honest midwife” and said worried staff members are “praying” for her safe return.

SWNS:South West News Service Samantha Eastwood drives home in her Volvo after a night shift at Royal Stoke University Hospital

Facebook She was trying to sell her unused wedding dress before she went missing

SWNS:South West News Service Police confirmed that her Radley purse has not been found since she went missing

Her former fiance has since made a desperate plea for her safe return.

John, a railway enthusiast from Staffordshire, has shared a number of links to stories about her disappearance.

He begged in one post: “Please please help find Sam and bring her back safe to her family.”

She was said to be in “good spirits” last Friday but her car was later found parked by her home with the keys still inside.

Det Supt Simon Duffy, from Staffordshire Police, said: “This is completely out of character for her to drop off the grid. As time goes on we are increasingly concerned about her welfare, as are her family.”

CCTV footage released by cops show the midwife and a colleague walking out of the hospital’s maternity unit just after 7.45am on July 27.

In the images, Samantha is seen wearing blue scrubs and carrying a green handbag.

Alamy The popular midwife worked at the maternity centre at the Royal Stoke University Hospital

Further CCTV shows her driving her blue Volvo XC60 from the hospital car park heading towards the Hilton Road exit – this was the last time she was seen.

Det Supt Duffy added: “This investigation is still being treated as a high-risk missing person enquiry but as time goes on we are becoming increasingly concerned for Samantha’s welfare.

“This is totally out of character for Samantha. Although she has gone away before, she has always been in contact with her family.

“She has not taken her car or her bank cards and there has been no contact from her or confirmed sightings.

“Any information, however small and insignificant it may seem, could help with our investigation.”

Here at five unanswered clues that could solve the mystery:

CCTV of Samantha leaving the hospital

Samantha was last seen by colleagues after clocking off from the Royal Stoke University Hospital at 7.45am on Friday July 27.

She had just finished a night shift and was said to be in “good spirits” as she chatted to colleagues before driving off.

However, she did not return for her next shift – sparking a nationwide hunt.

CCTV shows the midwife still wearing her scrubs as she leaves the hospital with a work-friend.

Police hope that the stills could jog the public’s memories and encourage people to come forward.

Wedding dress up for sale

Samantha was due to get married last month, but the relationship fell apart earlier in the year

She was later spotted selling her previously unworn wedding dress for £400 on Facebook.

Facebook Picture is the advert placed by Samantha’s mum Carole, placing her wedding dress for sale

The advert on the site’s Market Place page, shared by her mum Carole, said: “Bought in sample sale. Not worn apart from being tried on in the shop.

“Size 14. In very good condition apart from a few loose threads and broken zip head (zip still works).

“Will consider offers. Ideally for collection.”

It is not known why exactly her engagement broke down or if Samantha ever found a buyer for her dress.

Bank cards and car keys left behind

Samantha was last spotted driving her blue Volvo XC60 from Royal University Stoke Hospital car park and heading towards the Hilton Road exit in the Hartshill area of Stoke-on-Trent.

However, her car was later found parked by her home with the keys still inside.

Police later revealed that she had also left her bank cards at home. Behaviour that cops described as “totally out of character for Samantha”.

SWNS:South West News Service Samantha Eastwood drives home in her Volvo after a night shift at Royal Stoke University Hospital


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