Millionaire Shrien Dewani Finds Love With Photographer Boyfriend Four Years After Being Cleared Of Murdering His Wife On South African Honeymoon

Millionaire Shrien Dewani Finds Love With Photographer Boyfriend Four Years After Being Cleared Of Murdering His Wife On South African Honeymoon

SHRIEN Dewani has found a new love four years after being cleared of murdering his wife on their South African honeymoon.

The Brit businessman now has a Brazilian-born boyfriend, photographer Gledison Lopez Martins.

Shrien Dewani has found love again four years after he was cleared of murdering his wife in South Africa

His wife Anni was killed in a robbery in shortly after their wedding in 2010 in Cape Town.

Dewani and Martins have been together for around 18months and the couple have recently holidayed on Ibiza, according to the MailOnline.

The care home millionaire was pictured cuddled up to his lover on another holiday to Mumbai.

The 38-year-old only revealed his bisexuality on the first day of his murder trial, when he was accused of hiring hitmen to kill his wife on their honeymoon.

Handout Anni Dewani was murdered in a robbery in Capetown while the couple were on their honeymoon

His family appear to have accepted their son’s new boyfriend inviting him to their family home last Christmas.

Dewani’s parents, Shila and Prakash, are Facebook friends with Martins and the Dewani family can be seen on YouTube at a fancy dress party in a video with him.

The couple have posted several loved-up photographs and videos including a film taken on a train in India in which Dewani rests his head on Martins’ chest.

Martins has posted a portrait of Dewani on his website. He also uploaded a photograph of them, heads together, labelled ’23 Oct 2017, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia’, which is in a suburb of Ibiza.


Dewani’s new love is Brazilian born photographer Gledison Lopez Martins

Anni’s uncle Ashok told the Mail Online:  ‘Shrien still hasn’t made time to sit down and talk with us. My brother Vinod (Anni’s father) deserves to hear from his son-in-law and about how he’s been able to move on.

“If Shrien had told us the truth about his sexuality before the marriage, Anni would never have married him or gone to South Africa where she was shot dead.”

On the first day of his Cape Town trial, Dewani revealed he had been visiting gay prostitutes and was bisexual.

Anni’s family said they had no clue he was involved

The couple have shared a number of loved up snaps on social media from their travels

with men or had been paying for sex until his trial.


During his engagement, Dewani told Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, that he did not want to have sex before marriage which made a good impression.

But later it was revealed that he had been paying a male prostitute known as the ‘German Master’ for sex.

The man, whose real name was Leopold Leisser, was found hanged in September 2016 at his Birmingham home in what was believed to have been a suicide.

Anni, a Swedish-raised engineer was 28 years old and only weeks into marriage when she was shot dead as the couple toured a rough suburb of Cape Town on November 13, 2010.


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