Hollyoaks Spoilers: Liam Donovan Returns With A Different Face As New Actor Jude Monk Mcgowan Plays The Grieving Dad

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Liam Donovan Returns With A Different Face As New Actor Jude Monk Mcgowan Plays The Grieving Dad

LIAM Donovan is returning to Hollyoaks but with a brand new face.

One year after Maxim Baldry left the Channel 4 soap – after his character struggled to cope since his half-sister Grace Black killed his girlfriend Eva Falco – he has been replaced with Anna Karenina actor Jude Monk McGowan.

Jude Monk McGowan is taking over the role

Jude will make his debut, signalling Liam’s return, when he bumps into Courtney Campbell, the mother of his daughter Iona, while she is attending Mercedes McQueen’s hen party in Magaluf.

The meeting comes as a huge surprise to Liam, who has spent the past year drowning his sorrows in alcohol, drugs and women.

Jude said: “Liam has been grieving the loss of his partner and child. He decided to deal with his loss by hiding, not dealing with it, and burying it in drugs, alcohol and women.

“He hasn’t properly dealt with his pain, and as a result, is in a destructive and dark place.”

The Anna Karenina actor will take over the role

Liam is also set to struggle with being a father to Iona, as his own chance of having a baby with Eva is gone.

He added: “It’s very difficult for Liam to accept responsibility for Iona, because it was an unintentional pregnancy from a one-night stand, but mostly that part of his life [having a child with the woman he loved] is dead.

“Becoming the father to Eva’s child was a future which didn’t happen, and for him, that was his one shot at having a family.”

And there will be the added complication of dealing with his family, including half-sister Grace, when he returns home.

Maxim Baldry left the Channel 4 soap last year

He added: “Liam certainly wants to be accepted by some of his family, but with others, he couldn’t care less… and the feeling is mutual.”

“I think Jesse would always welcome anyone back with open arms, but it might be a bit more difficult for Grace.

“Things between them didn’t end well, so no doubt there will be a few personality clashes there! That’s not to mention that Jesse has stepped in as Iona’s father since Liam’s been gone, so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any rivalry there.”

Amy Conachan, whose character Courtney is dating Luke’s brother Jesse Donovan – also warned there is trouble ahead.

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