Gamer, 33, Raped Boy, 5, Up To 100 Times After Grooming Him On Playstation And Xbox

Gamer, 33, Raped Boy, 5, Up To 100 Times After Grooming Him On Playstation And Xbox

A SICK gamer raped a five-year-old boy up to 100 times after grooming him on PlayStation and Xbox.

Anwar Ali was today locked up for 21 years after luring the youngster to his bedroom to play computer games and embarking on a lengthy campaign of sexual abuse.

Greater Manchester Police Anwar Ali has been jailed for 21 years after raping a boy after grooming him on PlayStation and Xbox

The sick monster raped the young boy up to 100 times between 2003 and 2007 – an ordeal which only ended when he moved away.

Ali was only snared last year after the boy – who is now a young adult – courageously went to the police.

Officers found indecent images of children on his computer at Ali’s home in Hyde, Greater Manchester, but Ali denied wrongdoing at a trial earlier this year.

The victim was forced to relive his traumatic experiences as Manchester Crown Court heard how Ali began his vile campaign by approaching the young lad from behind and kissing him.

PA:Press Association Anwar Ali was sentenced to 21 years in jail at Manchester Crown Court

Over the years he extended his abuse, which remained unknown to his family.

On one occasion the boy’s mother went upstairs to Ali’s bedroom and knocked on the door to check if her son was okay – unaware he was being abused inside.

In a statement the victim said: “I felt like I could trust Anwar but he stole my childhood.

“I have developed OCD and wash myself to the point that my skin is red raw. I have found it difficult to cope with normal experiences and I don’t like it when people touch me.

“The trial has brought everything back for me.”

Sentencing, Judge Tina Landale said: “This was a campaign of sexual abuse which took place in your bedroom.

“You enticed him into your bedroom with the promise of playing video games and I described it as a campaign because that there were more than 100 incidents. He says it was sometime more than once a week.

“You kept your family in the dark with your sexual interest in young boys and you continued to rape and sexually abuse him.”

Judge Landale told him how his abuse had “long-lasting consequences”, including causing insomnia and OCD for the victim.

She told Ali: “You now walk with a stick and I am told you have erectile dysfunction – but that doesn’t stop you from being sexually titillated from child pornography online. You were still being aroused by looking at children being abused online.”


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