Fortnite Halloween Skins – Is The Skull Trooper Coming Back And Can You Get Real Costumes?

Fortnite Halloween Skins – Is The Skull Trooper Coming Back And Can You Get Real Costumes?

FORTNITE’S Skull Trooper costume is one skin most Battle Royale players have long wanted to get their hands on.

One of the game’s most exclusive skins hasn’t been available since November but after the rare Red Knight skin made a surprise reappearance, will Epic Games bring back the Skull Trooper too?

EPIC GAMES Owning the Skull Trooper skin proves to the world that you’re an original Fortnite player

Fortnite Halloween skins – is the Skull Trooper coming back and can you buy real costumes?

As of yet, there has been no official confirmation the Skull Trooper skin is coming back to Fortnite despite overwhelming support for Epic Games to do so.

The Skull Trooper was one of the first ever skins unveiled before the game’s surge in popularity and was last seen during Halloween 2017 when the Epic outfit cost 1,500 V-Bucks.

As the outfit is themed it is yet to be seen whether the skin will be reintroduced for Halloween 2018 or if a new version will be released as a nod to those original players.

Despite this, fanatic fans will be able to purchase the real-life Skull Trooper costume after Retailers Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s completed an officially licenced deal with Epic Games.

Other skins available to purchase include the Black Knight, Crackshot, Dark Voyager, and Cuddle Team Leader alongside party animal pickaxes and a light-up boogie bomb.

EPIC GAMES The rare skin may be unavailable in-game but not in real life

When was Fortnite season 5 released and what were the changes?

Fortnite Season 5 was officially released on July 12, 2018, and a new Battle Pass brought new skins, emotes and locations to change the look of the map.

As always, a new Battle Pass brings with it plenty of new skins, emotes and pickaxes and the main customisable upgradeable skins this time are called Drift and Ragnarok.

It will include vehicles, with a new All Terrain Kart, which holds up to four people and has a bounce pad on the roof.

Original location Anarchy Aches has also paved way for the introduction of beachside holiday site Lazy Links.


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