Footie aces have been moaning about their dodgy avatars in the FIFA game – and it’s not hard to see why


PREMIER League prima donnas have been whining about how they look on the FIFA football video game loved by fans. Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace and Man Utd ace Jesse Lingard had a moan on Twitter about their avatars in the EA Sports game.

And we expect Liverpool’s Mo Salah would not be too happy with his likeness either. Graeme Culliford rounds up the dodgiest doubles.

Mo Salah’s FIFA avatar isn’t exactly life-like
Man City’s Sergio Aguero lost his beard. And his dodgy hairdo will now have to match the silver look he unveiled yesterday
Man Utd’s Jesse Lingard tweeted: “Can you change my haircut. Had the same trim on your game for 99 years”
Aston Villa’s John McGinn slammed his tubby twin via Twitter. And a fan joked: ‘He looks like he ate John McGinn!’
The game took a while to catch up with the dreadlocks sported by Palace’s Wilfried Zaha.
Chelsea’s perplexed Kasey Palmer said of his hair-raising image in the game: ‘I’m a 9/10 looking about a 6/10’

Fans joked France legend and former Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane looked more like action hero Bruce Willis



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