Dragon’s Breath Treats Warning As Trend Sees Teens Swallow Sweets Dipped In ‘deadly’ Liquid Nitrogen

Dragon’s Breath Treats Warning As Trend Sees Teens Swallow Sweets Dipped In ‘deadly’ Liquid Nitrogen

KIDS are putting their health risk by eating sweets dipped in liquid nitrogen in a dangerous new trend which is sweeping the US, experts have warned.

Dragon’s Breath treats are candies or cereals which have been skewered and frozen with the potentially harmful chemical.

A girl breaths smoke as she munches Dragon’s Breath sweets

Several people have already been hospitalised in the US after the sweets have become popular shopping malls and fun fairs.

The frosty dessert has sparked a flurry of YouTube and Instagram videos — often posted by teenagers — showing off their “smoke” breathing techniques in recent months.

But experts are warning that Dragon’s Breath can cause frostbite, skin tissue damage and suffocation.

In New York state, Suffolk County Commissioner of Health Services James Tomarken released a statement slamming the sweets.

Viral videos show people showing off their breathing techniques

The trend is dangerous and has already caused injuries in the US

He said: “If an item infused with liquid nitrogen is prepared or consumed incorrectly, it could have harmful health consequences.

“Liquid nitrogen can cause damage to a person’s skin and internal organs and, if inhaled, it can cause asphyxiation (lack of oxygen).”

The chemical’s extremely low temperature — between negative 196F and negative 320F— puts people at risk when it’s not completely removed, Tomarken said.

A woman scoffs the frosty treat at a food fair

He issued the warning after the state health department sent out a memo in June noting the fad food had already injured several people.

Tomarken said: “Instances of frostbite and tissue damage have been reported when residual liquid nitrogen is left in the serving cup.

“If fingers are used to remove the product from the cup, skin contact with liquid nitrogen can cause frostbite.


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