Camberwell Stabbing – Rapper Knifed To Death By Thugs On Boris Bikes As Drill Music War Wages On Youtube

Camberwell Stabbing – Rapper Knifed To Death By Thugs On Boris Bikes As Drill Music War Wages On Youtube

A YOUNG father was stabbed to death by killers on Boris bikes in a drill music war being waged on YouTube.

Rapper Siddique Kamara, 23, is believed to have become the latest victim of a feud fuelled by videos which glorify rape and violence.

Rapper Siddique Kamara was stabbed to death by killers on Boris bikes

He was ambushed with two pals outside his home and knifed in the chest. His attackers were on stolen Transport for London bikes, named after former mayor Boris Johnson.

An off-duty nurse used a jacket to try to save Siddique, who was the dad of a six-year-old girl. She said: “He was still breathing and there was no one else around. I tried to stop the blood. He was dying, he couldn’t say anything.”

The victim’s mother Janaba, 55, was held back by police as she tried to climb a railing to get to her son, also known as Incognito.

His killing in Camberwell, South London, is feared to be the latest bloody episode in a tit-for-tat war between two drill rap gangs.

Siddique’s rap name is believed to be Incognito and he had a six-year-old girl

Siddique, easily recognisable from the Arsenal medallion he always wore, was a member of the Moscow17 gang, championed on his YouTube channel by former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood.

But he was said to have been a marked man after being cleared this year of murdering the brother of a member of deadly rivals, the Zone 2 gang.

Murdered rapper Incognito performs with bandmates Moscow17 in a Tim Westwood Crib Session

Siddique died in the same street where fellow Moscow17 member Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 17, was shot dead in May.

The Zone 2 gang has also been linked to the murder of 18-year-old drill rapper Latwaan Griffiths on Wednesday last week.

Siddique, left red circle, and his drill rap crew were featured on a Youtube channel by former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood

The teenager — known as Splash Addict — was from the Kennington-based Harlem Spartans, involved in a separate feud with Zone 2.

He died from stab injuries after being dumped from the back of a moped, also in Camberwell.

The Met are braced for reprisals and have drafted extra officers into the area.

Det Supt Helen Lyons said: “This is an extremely troubling incident and I fully appreciate the concerns it will stoke in the immediate vicinity.”

�2018 Chris Eades Cops at the scene of the stabbing in Peckham, South London

But many of the violent drill videos, which stoke the feud, are still available on Google-owned YouTube.

In a recent interview, victim Siddique conceded drill fanned the flames of violence, saying: “You’ve got to put your hands up and say drill music does influence it.”

He was accused of plunging a knife into 17-year-old Abdirahman Mohamed’s chest outside a Tesco Express in Peckham in June last year for laughing at a friend.

Yesterday a follower posted on Siddique’s Instagram account that his killing was an act of revenge.

Terrifying lyrics

By Ben Leo

DISTURBING Moscow17 lyrics boast about how they want to attack their rivals with knives.

In their track, Moscow March, watched more than 100,000 times on YouTube, the group rap about splashing — or stabbing — their “opps”.

It goes: “Man’ll splash him with a passion/Ding dong whip [use a car] or the ding dong ped [use a moped]/Pull out, hop out, bang it [stab him].”

The track continues: “The other side known for the dashing [running away]/Moscow’s we’re known for the stabbings.”

Earlier this year, Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, known as GB, challenged rivals from Peckham’s Zone 2 gang in another track City of God.

Zone 2 responded with a video saying how they were “going to burst” their rivals.

In May, Rhyhiem was shot dead in the same street where Incognito was killed on Wednesday.

The follower wrote: “He deaded Abdi. It’s called Karma ahk.”

A neighbour of Siddique’s family said: “After what happened last year he was a marked man. They are a nice family, his brother Michael is a footballer. Semi-pro.”

Close friend Jason, 23, said: “He was a young father and he was a very good father.

“He was a young man learning to be a dad. He was a good guy and I’m just grieving for my friend. He loves his daughter, she’s six.”

SWNS:South West News Service People leave flowers at the scene of the crime Rapper Incognito discusses whether drill music has worsened London’s violence

Criminal defence lawyer Elena Papamichael tweeted: “When I first met SK, Incognito, when he was 17, he was a talented football player and he became a talented musician.

“He was so intelligent and I wish he would have lived long enough to achieve all the things he was capable of. RIP.”


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