Ali Saleh Kiba (born 1986), better known by his stage name Ali Kiba, is a Tanzanian recording artist, singer-songwriter, in 2017 he became the director of Rockstar4000 and on the 20 May 2016, Ali Kiba signed deal with Sony Music Entertainment.[1] In 2011, Ali Kiba was voted as "the most popular artist top Selling in East Africa" - Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Born in Tanzania, Ali Kiba released his album known as Cinderella which break record as the best album selling in East African countries include Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. He is best known for his hit songs Mwana, "Aje" , "Chekecha Cheketua" "Cinderella", "Nakshi Mrembo", "Usiniseme," "Dushelele", Single Boy with Lady Jaydee, "Mapenzi Yana Run Dunia, Macmuga and for his collaboration with R. Kelly and other African musicians in One8 project. Following his return after been quiet for 3 years, he released the single Mwana and Chekecha, and in 2015 he won six awards at the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards and breaking the record on as the most downloaded songs of the year 2015.