BRITS will be treated to glorious sunshine and blue skies this weekend before a plume of freezing air brings SNOW on Monday.

Most of the country will enjoy dry, sunny weather and in many places temperatures could reach well into double figures, possibly as high as 18C, today.

A forecast map shows the UK will be unseasonably mild on Saturday

But the Met Office warned urged Brits to “make the most of it” as easterly winds bring a bitterly cold freeze from Monday.

Meteorologists say the topsy-turvy weather is because the UK is between two areas of pressure, which is resulted in milder air being pulled up from the continent.

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “The UK is between a low pressure out in the Atlantic and a high pressure centred way to the east over Russia, drawing up the milder air from the south.

“As the high slides around to Scandinavia we pick up more of a south easterly flow, which will be cooler and then next week with another shift of the high towards the Arctic means that we get an even colder easterly flow.

Gorgeous sunset after an unseasonably warm November day over the skyline of the market town with Haddington, East Lothian
Alamy Live News

Drivers battle through the slush in the North East last month – as Brits could face snow next week
PA:Press Association

“It will feel chilly, anyone along the North Sea coast will vouch for that and the difference from now to next week will be rather stark.

“Through Saturday drier air moves across the UK, so the clouds disappear, it becomes sunny with blue skies and although most places will feel cooler it will be a lovely day.”

The Met Office said Saturday will be a bit of grey start, but once the clouds “melt away” we could see balmy weather almost everywhere.

Forecaster Alex Deakin said: “For most of us this weekend, there’ll be plenty of blue sky around. It will be a bit colder but then it has been very mild.

Temperatures for midday on Saturday show it’s set to be pretty mild for most places
met office

The north of Wales and northern Ireland are looking like the warmest places on Saturday
met office

In the south of the country, it’s set to reach double figures across East Anglia, London, the south coast and Cornwall
met office


“The morning will be quite grey but the cloud melts away from the Midlands, East Anglia, Wales, South West England, and eventually northern England too.

“The vast majority turns sunny through Saturday – not everywhere though. The cloud sticks around in Northern Ireland and across the far north east.

“With the breeze coming up from the south east, temperatures will be 16C, 17C – maybe even higher in one or two places.

“For most places temperatures will be a little lower than they have been, so it will feel a little cooler but then there will be the sunshine to compensate.

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“Most will stay fine through Saturday evening if you’re heading out it’s dry and clear.

“At this time of a year, a clear night would lead to a cold night but there’s such a breeze that we shouldn’t see too much in terms of frost on Sunday morning.”

As for Sunday, he said it will be a chilly start before another fine, sunny day.

Mr Deakin continued: “It’s going to be dry and bright with plenty of sunshine.

“Still that easterly breeze so the coasts will be quite cool in the south and the east – probably less cloud in eastern Scotland on Sunday compared to Saturday.

“Most of us looking pretty sunny through Sunday. Temperatures won’t be as high as they have been but still around about average for the time of year.

“It will feel cooler in the breeze but it won’t feel as cold as it will do next week because we’re going to see a more dramatic change.

“Through the early part of next week it’s going to turn much, much colder.

“We’re expecting some showers that’ll chiefly be of rain and any snow is only really expected over the hills.”

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