Tom Kitchin needed to begin someplace – you don’t mechanically nab a Michelin star the second you placed on chef whites.

However it seems he has at all times been fascinated with all issues seafood, therefore why his newest cookbook, Tom Kitchin’s Fish And Shellfish, has such coronary heart to it.

His earliest meals reminiscence is…

“Being on the west coast of Scotland on a campsite. My dad and I, we caught some mackerel. We caught so many who I used to be attempting to promote them across the campsite.

I don’t suppose I made a lot, I feel I need to’ve given them away in the long run.”

His worst meals catastrophe was…

“After I was a younger chef at The Gleneagles Lodge in Scotland, I used to be a very younger apprentice, and the chef requested me to make the risotto.

“I used to be making the risotto, and I seasoned the it however I didn’t style it, and when the chef got here as much as style it he spat it out, I used to be like, ‘S**t! What’s occurred?’ and I’d seasoned it with sugar as a substitute of salt. Haha, so I by no means made that mistake once more.”

His culinary spotlight needs to be…

“Oh man, there are such a lot of, however we’ve got a fantastic pal known as Carina Svensen and he or she has a summer time home in Norway, and so they have lobster pots.

“So one summer time we caught the mackerel. After which we filleted it and took the heads and the bones and put them into the lobster pots. We put these out after which what we did was we took an enormous pot of water from the ocean, we scooped it up and we boiled it on the jetty.

“Then we rowed out to the lobster pots, pulled them again up and we had all these crabs in there. We cooked the crabs straight from the ocean, within the sea water on the jetty, and ate them with our ft hanging over the pier, with mayonnaise and a glass of white wine. Ah, man.”

Tom Kitchin’s Fish And Shellfish‘ by Tom Kitchin, is revealed by Absolute Press, (£26) and obtainable now. Pictures by Marc Miller

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