The Incredible Beasts sequel has lastly opened within the US and the UK to reasonably blended opinions. One of many greatest complaints is that it packs in a whole lot of twists and turns whiel additionally manoeuuvering all of the characters into place for the subsequent three fims. The is very true for Albus Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Credence. The top scene reveals one of many greatest shocks in your entire Harry Potter universe – and one which no earlier theories or rumours got here near guessing. It’s a powerful twist however have been the clues teased earlier on within the film?


The identification of Credence (previously) Barebone is the driving focus of the second film. It’s why he’s ultimately drawn to Grindelwald, who guarantees the one reply he seeks.

There’s additionally a purpose why we now have to begin referring to the beloved Harry Potter Hogwarts headmaster by each his names.

There’s abruptly one other main Dumbledore within the story. Griendelwald makes the staggering revelation within the remaining scene, and even offers the household’s iconic phoenix as proof.

However how is that this even doable?

Throughout an earlier scene with Leta Lestrange, Albus talks about his misplaced sister and says he ought to have beloved her higher.

Followers know that Ariana Dumbledore had a tragic life, attacked as a baby, unstable and unable to regulate her magic. She by chance killed her mom and, in flip, died throughout a battle between her brothers and Gellert Grindelwald.

However what if she had a secret youngster?

Credence is the right age to be Albus’ son, ofcourse, however JK Rowling made it clear that the beloved wizard is homosexual. He additionally stays heartbroken that the love of his life was the best menace the world has ever seen and reasonably unlikely to have ever sought consolation from another man or girl. 

The opposite Dumbledore sibling, Aberforth, is a genial bachelor within the later movies and there’s no proof of a secret youngster in any of the Potter histories. 

Plus, the inclusion of that closely featured second between Albus and Leta now appears to have been used to reintroduce Ariana into the storyline.

Rowling and the filmmakers appears to be stretching among the current Harry Potter histories to breaking level (like together with Professor McGonagall who shoudln’t even have been born but) and it stays to be seen how they are going to clarify Credence’s sudden inclusion in one of the crucial well-known wizarding households.

This movie has no extra secrets and techniques to disclose, although, and there’s no mid or finish credit score scene to tease what comes subsequent.


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