Two great white sharks were located off the coast of North Carolina this week after the massive predators traveled more than a thousand miles from Canada to reach the coastal waters, according to officials with the shark tagging and tracking organization Ocearch.

The sharks — Nova and Cabot — were tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia in September and October, respectively. Nova, a 1,186-pound great white with a length nearing 12 feet, is the first great white tagged by Ocearch researchers in Canadian waters, according to the organization. Cabot is a nearly 10-foot great white named after the explorer John Cabot. Both sharks are males.

Researchers were alerted of their movements when the sharks’ satellite trackers “pinged,” which occurs when the animals surface, The Sun News reported. Nova was spotted near Wrightsville Beach in New Hanover County on Monday while Cabot was spotted the following day near the coast of Rodanthe, according to the publication.

Nova.Robert Snow

“Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long for a new ping. I was a little shy about admitting that I left Nova Scotia, especially since I’m named after it and all. But don’t worry, I’ll be back. All sharks like me gotta migrate. I’m near Wilmington, NC right now,” Nova’s Twitter account posted.

While Nova may be shy, Cabot is not — surfacing “a number of times” since he was tagged in October, The Sun News reports. According to Cabot’s Twitter account, the great white has been spotted off the coast of Maine and again near Long Island, New York, before he was tracked off the coast of New Jersey earlier this month.

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