Dietary supplements can have a useful function to play in enhancing kind 2 diabetes.

Some enhance the manufacturing and launch of the insulin hormone within the pancreas, some scale back insulin resistance in muscle and fats cells, so they’re higher capable of take up glucose. Others scale back the manufacturing of latest glucose within the liver.

Just a few dietary supplements even work by blocking the impact of intestine enzymes to sluggish the discharge of glucose from meals.

Dr Sarah Brewer recommends six dietary supplements which might assist handle your diabetes.


Cinnamon is believed to spice up insulin-signalling pathways in order that extra glucose is absorbed from the circulation by muscle and fats cells, says Dr Brewer.

She added: “A number of research recommend that cinnamon extracts can enhance glucose tolerance and insulin resistance in folks with kind 2 diabetes. The outcomes from 10 trials involving 543 folks with kind 2 diabetes discovered that cinnamon considerably lowered fasting glucose ranges in contrast with placebo.

“In three trials involving cinnamon cassia, fasting glucose ranges fell by between 10.three per cent and 29 per cent with no vital adjustments in these on placebo.”

Inexperienced tea

Inexperienced tea comprises antioxidant polyphenols that supply a number of advantages for folks with kind 2 diabetes, in accordance with Dr Brewer. Inexperienced tea extracts even seem to have an insulin-like motion that will improve insulin sensitivity.

Dr Brewer defined inexperienced, black and oolong tea assist to guard towards diabetes by:

  • Rising insulin sensitivity

  • Blocking digestive enzymes (pancreatic alpha-amylase and intestinal alpha glucosidases) which break down starchy carbohydrates, in order that much less glucose is absorbed after consuming – this motion is much like that of the prescribed anti-diabetes drug, acarabose, which is classed as an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor

  • Suppressing urge for food and lowering meals consumption by way of results on hormones similar to ghrelin and adiponectin

  • Inhibiting a metabolic enzyme (catechol-0-methyl transferase) to stimulate the quantity of fats burned in cells so that you simply generate extra warmth – a phenomenon generally known as thermogenesis. Inexperienced tea extracts can enhance the speed at which the physique burns energy by as a lot as 40 per cent over a 24-hour interval

Inexperienced tea additionally prompts an enzyme (AMP-protein kinase) that has results on the liver to lower glucose and fatty acid synthesis and improve their break down for power.

Research involving over 545,500 folks have discovered that, in contrast with consuming no tea, the relative danger of creating kind 2 diabetes is:

  • three per cent decrease for those who drink one cup of tea per day

  • 5 per cent decrease for consuming two cups of tea per day

  • 7 per cent decrease for 3 cups of tea per day

  • 10 per cent decrease for consuming 4 cups of tea per day

  • 12 per cent decrease for 5 cups of tea per day

  • 15 per cent decrease for these consuming six cups of tea per day


Turmeric helps to enhance the discharge of insulin from the pancreatic beta-cells that make it, says Dr Brewer. It additionally improves how insulin works by activating insulin receptors.

She defined: In folks with poor glucose tolerance (prediabetes), turmeric was even discovered to delay the onset of kind 2 diabetes in 240 folks. When taking turmeric (standardised to supply 250 mg curcuminoids per day) for 9 months, none of these taking curcumin progressed to kind 2

diabetes, whereas one in six of these taking placebo have been identified with kind 2 diabetes. These taking curcumin confirmed vital enhancements within the perform of insulin-producing pancreatic beta-cells.”

Ayurvedic herbs

Many herbs are utilized in Ayurvedic medication to deal with kind 2 diabetes and are sometimes mixed to decrease glucose detached methods, mentioned Dr Brewer.

She added: “Gymnema sylvestre leaves comprise distinctive gymnemic acids that bind to style receptors on the tongue and block the power to detect sweetness for as much as 90 minutes, to scale back snacking on candy meals.

“Bitter melon comprises a sequence of amino acids, generally known as polypeptide-p, which has an identical construction to insulin and is sometimes called ‘plant insulin’. It additionally comprises charantin, which reduces glucose absorption and the manufacturing of glucose within the liver.

“Amla fruit stimulates the discharge of insulin hormone in response to glucose.

Tinospora cordifolia stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas and reduces the manufacturing of latest glucose within the liver.

“A mix of ten Ayurvedic herbs is included in a complement known as Curalin (for whom I act as a medical advisor) and there are some spectacular testimonials from customers with kind 2 diabetes on”


Ubiquinol is a type of coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that’s important to provide power in cells. Cells that shouldn’t have sufficient ubiquinol are unable to work correctly, together with beta-cells within the pancreas that make insulin, defined Dr Brewer.

She mentioned: “A latest examine involving 50 folks with kind 2 diabetes in contrast the results of taking ubiquinol dietary supplements (100mg per day) towards placebo for 12 weeks. In these taking ubiquinol, there have been vital enhancements in glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c, a measure of glucose management), ‘good’ HDL-cholesterol, insulin ranges and insulin resistance in contrast with placebo.

“Many individuals with kind 2 diabetes are prescribed a statin drug. Statins decrease levels of cholesterol and change off cell manufacturing of pure ubiquinol, and decrease vitamin D ranges, which can contribute to statin unwanted side effects of muscular tissues aches, weak spot and tiredness. Some proof means that taking ubiquinol coenzyme Q10, and vitamin D dietary supplements, will help to stop or scale back these statin unwanted side effects so you possibly can proceed to acquire the advantages of medicine.”

Dr Brewer provides: “If you’re taking any medicine, nonetheless, at all times speak to your physician earlier than taking dietary supplements and observe their recommendation.”

Dr Sarah Brewer is a medical nutritionist, medical director of Healthspan and a medical advisor to Curalife.

Dietary supplements have additionally been discovered to help sleep. 

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