Diabetes is a standard situation that impacts virtually 4 million individuals within the UK. Round 90 per cent of all instances are brought on by sort 2 diabetes.

The situation is brought on by the pancreas not producing sufficient of the hormone insulin, or the physique not reacting to insulin.

With out sufficient insulin, the physique struggles to transform sugar within the blood into useable vitality.

You would be liable to diabetes in case you have a tingling feeling in your ft, it’s been revealed.

A tingling, or numbness, within the ft or legs may very well be an early warning signal of diabetes, warned charity Diabetes UK.

The sensation could also be brought on by sensory neuropathy – a situation that impacts the nerves that carry messages of contact and ache from the pores and skin to the mind.

Left untreated, the sensation may result in a lack of feeling in sufferers’ ft, it warned.

“Diabetes could cause neuropathy because of excessive blood glucose ranges damaging the small blood vessels which provide the nerves,” mentioned the charity.

“This prevents important vitamins reaching the nerves. The nerve fibres are then broken or disappear.

“Sensory neuropathy primarily impacts the nerves within the ft and the legs, however individuals can even develop the sort of neuropathy of their arms and arms.

“Signs can embody tingling and numbness, lack of means to really feel ache, lack of means to detect adjustments in temperature, lack of coordination – while you lose your joint place sense – and burning or taking pictures pains.

“The primary hazard of sensory neuropathy for somebody with diabetes is lack of feeling within the ft, particularly in the event you don’t realise that this has occurred.”

If neuropathy is ignored, minor accidents may develop in to infections or ulcers.

It’s essential that diabetes sufferers keep regular blood sugar ranges to keep away from sensory neuropathy, added Diabetes UK.

Everybody that’s been recognized with diabetes ought to have their ft checked at the least yearly.

Different diabetes warning indicators embody excessive tiredness, passing extra urine than regular, and blurred imaginative and prescient.

Different diabetes signs embody feeling thirsty all the time, having cuts or wounds that take longer to heal than regular, and losing a few pounds with out attempting to.

Diagnosing the situation early is essential, as sufferers are extra liable to some lethal issues, together with coronary heart illness and strokes.

The individuals most liable to the situation embody these which might be obese, are over 40 years previous, or have a detailed relative with diabetes.

Communicate to a health care provider in the event you’re nervous concerning the indicators and signs of diabetes, mentioned the NHS.

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