People have come to despise the inevitable means of rising previous, whether or not it’s the bodily modifications or psychological modifications we come to hate. By means of using cosmetics and a way of life decisions, we try to decelerate the method of ageing – however can we cease it fully? Netflix documentary “Defined: Can We Stay Eternally?” reveals how scientists have pinpointed the complicated course of that occurs in our our bodies to trigger ageing – and a option to cease it from taking place.

The movie explains that, in 1961, Dr. Leonard Hayflick found that many human cells cease dividing after round 50 divisions.

“It appeared our cells have dying programmed into them at start”, the narrator explains.

Within the 1980s, extra groundbreaking discoveries have been made as scientists discovered the chromosomes in our cells had protected caps on them, known as telomeres.

With each cell division that takes place, these caps received shorter, and when the telomeres can’t defend our chromosomes any extra, our cells die.

To cease our cells dying, and due to this fact cease the ageing course of, medical doctors must discover a option to “engineer” our telomeres so that they by no means get any shorter.

The documentary additionally explains how there are already cells in existence which have the power cease our telomeres from getting too brief – most cancers cells.

Nevertheless, they reveal: “No one’s been in a position to remedy that puzzle but.”

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